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Action: Support 10/2 Workers Rights March in Washington, D.C.

(WASHINGTON, D.C., 9/27/10) — CAIR is calling American Muslims and all people of conscience to join with One Nation Working Together, a coalition of more than 150 partner groups, in calling for a renewed national focus on good jobs and quality education at a rally in Washington, DC on October 2, 2010.
“Islam teaches the importance of both education and equitable employment,” said CAIR national Executive Director Nihad Awad. “It is important to project those values by attending the march and then engaging in action once we return to our homes.”
One Nation Working Together aims to put America back to work and to pull America back together by refocusing the nation’s priorities and investing in all our people. Every person in this country should be able to live the American Dream: a secure job that allows breadwinners to support their families, a safe home and access to excellent quality public education.
This movement includes human and civil rights organizations, unions and trade associations, nonprofit organizations, youth and student groups, religious and other faith groups, educational, peace, environmental, and ethnic associations, and any other groups and individuals who are committed to pulling our country back together now.
The march and rally begins at noon at the Lincoln Memorial. It features human and civil rights leaders, union leadership, environmental and peace activists, religious leaders, celebrities and sports figures — all marching together to help Put America Back to Work and to Pull America Back Together. And to help reorder our national priorities so that investments in people come first.

  1. Register today for this nationwide movement to take back our country.
  2. March and rally in Washington on October 2 to demonstrate our collective power to build the America we deserve.


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