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Alabama driver’s photo rule changed to allow Hijab

Alabama driver’s photo rule changed to allow Hijab

Alhamdulillah, (praise be to God) – CAIR today applauded a decision by the state of Alabama to allow Islamic heads scarves, or hijab, in driver’s license photographs.

In January, CAIR called for a review of a new Alabama Department of Public Safety (DPS) policy banning all head coverings in license photographs. CAIR sought the review after receiving reports from Muslim women in Alabama who were prevented from obtaining or renewing licenses because they refused to take off their religiously-mandated scarves. (Hundreds of concerned Muslims from across the nation contacted the DPS and the governor in response to CAIR’s alert.)

According to the new policy:

“The photograph of each applicant must be a ‘full face’ photo”¦Although variations in hairstyles and head covering make it difficult to rigorously define the term ‘face’ in general, the head of the applicant shall be shown from the top of the forehead to the bottom of the chin and from hairline side-to-side”¦Head coverings and headgear are only acceptable due to religious beliefs or medical conditions”¦”

“We thank Governor Bob Riley for recognizing the need to accommodate the religious beliefs and practices of his constituents,” said CAIR Communication Director Ibrahim Hooper. “We also thank all those individuals and groups, such as the Alabama office of the ACLU and Muslim leaders in Birmingham and Montgomery, who contacted or met with state officials to support religious freedom.”

Hooper said Alabama is now in conformity with the majority of other states that already allow religious and medical exemptions to prohibitions against head coverings in driver’s license photographs.

Immediate Action Requested:

Contact Alabama Governor Bob Riley to thank him for supporting religious freedom.

Governor Bob Riley
State Capitol
600 Dexter Avenue
Montgomery, Alabama 36130

TEL: 334-242-7100
FAX: 334-353-0004


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