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Arizona FBI asked to investigate anti-Muslim threat

Arizona FBI asked to investigate anti-Muslim threat

The Arizona office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-AZ) today asked that state’s office of the FBI to investigate an Internet threat against Muslims.

The threat was received December 28, 2002, in an e-mail message to the Washington, D.C., office of the Islamic civil rights and advocacy group. In that e-mail, the person who provided her full name and may live in Arizona wrote: (A person with the same name as the author of the threat maintains a personal web page on the Internet.)

“You [Muslims] just got off the friggin boat and you already are the most hated immigrants of all time—-your ties to home are still thousands of times stronger then any ties you will ever have to REAL Americans! Like I said—you are unwanted SCUM—If you had any honor at all–you’d leave!!!!!!! I still hate all Muslims and will hurt you in some way!” In an earlier message, the same person wrote: “You are a curse on the USA! LEAVE!!! You dont even have enough honor to leave a country that you are destroying!! I HATE ALL Muslims!!”

CAIR-AZ sent the threat to the Phoenix office of the FBI requesting an investigation. To date, and despite several follow-up messages, the group has only received an acknowledgement of its initial report.

“We hope threats against Muslims will be taken as seriously as threats against any other Americans,” said CAIR-AZ Executive Director Deedra Abboud.


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