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Broadcast of First-Ever Documentary on Canadian Muslims

A unique project that represents the history and dynamics of the
Canadian Muslim community, the three-part educational series was created by
producer Michael Milo at the Division of Media and Technology of University
of Saskatchewan. It is hosted by internationally-renowned singer/songwriter
Dawud Wharnsby Ali and written by educator Saira Rahman.

The three-part series chronicles the history, religious life and
contributions of Muslims in Canada’s multicultural fabric.

“At any given mosque throughout the country, you might find up to fifty
different ethnic and cultural groups. The Muslim community in Canada is a
microcosm of Canada’s multicultural make-up and the videos try to celebrate
that diversity,” said producer Michael Milo.

“A New Life in a New Land fills a critical gap in providing a
well-researched and elegantly presented snapshot of the presence and
contribution of Canadian Muslims,” added CAIR-CAN Executive Director Riad



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