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CAIR Again Calls on Obama to ‘Act Without Delay’ After Massacres in Syria, Yemen, Tunisia

Muslim group says violence attributed to Assad regime, ISIS threaten regional stability

(WASHINGTON, D.C., 3/20/15) — The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) today renewed its call for the Obama administration to “act without delay” to prevent more civilian deaths and regional instability in the Middle East and North Africa following new reports of Assad forces using chemical weapons on civilian populations in Syria and of groups tied to ISIS carrying out brutal massacres in Yemen and Tunisia.

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In a statement, CAIR said:

“Three horrific civilian massacres committed in Syria, Yemen and Tunisia – all carried out by Assad regime forces and groups linked to ISIS – are a grim reminder that the four-year conflict in Syria threatens the lives of millions and regional stability in Middle East and North Africa.

“We again call on President Obama to increase his support for those fighting for freedom and democracy in Syria. Less than a month has passed since the U.N. Security Council adopted a resolution calling on the Assad regime to stop using chemical weapons, and yet it has again crossed Obama's 'red line.' History should not repeat itself without consequences.

“If the president does not act with firm resolve by increasing U.S. support for pro-democracy forces in Syria then the Assad regime will keep slaughtering civilians.

“We offer our prayers for the hundreds of thousands of people who have been killed by Assad forces in Syria, including the six killed in a chlorine gas attack on Tuesday; the 23 people killed at a museum by gunmen linked to ISIS in Tunisia on Thursday; and, the 126 or more people killed today during Friday prayers at mosques in Yemen's capitol by a branch of ISIS.

“We condemn these deadly and monstrous attacks carried out in Yemen and Tunisia by supporters of ISIS. These acts of violence only demonstrate how far ISIS's violent ideology has set itself apart from Islam, a religion of mercy.

“CAIR supports people's quests for democracy and condemns attempts to overthrow legitimately elected governments anywhere.

“The U.S. should be working with regional leaders to form a comprehensive international strategy that addresses the brutality of both the Assad regime and ISIS.”

Background (August 2013): CAIR Urges Obama to 'Act Without Delay' After Syria Gas Massacre

CAIR is America's largest Muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization. Its mission is to enhance the understanding of Islam, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties, empower American Muslims, and build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding.

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