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CAIR: Anti-Muslim Extremist Group Says It Will Host $1,500-a-Plate Gala at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago


Known for organizing the “March Against Sharia” in 2017, a nationwide protest attended by far-right and white supremacist groups, ACT for America is considered the largest anti-Muslim group in the country by organizations that monitor extremists. . .

“It is totally inappropriate that an Islamophobic hate group would be in effect funneling money to the president of the United States by holding an event in one of his properties,” said Ibrahim Hooper, national communications director for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization. “This is a group that has been associated with Islamophobia in the worst form for many years and has also been associated with white supremacists and racist groups.”

Hooper said that the president’s club seemingly agreeing to host the event suggests Trump “endorses” the group’s ideology ”” and reveals how Trump’s business empire, held alongside his presidential office, opens up a pathway for undue influence and corruption.

“If you want to curry favor with him, you spend money at his properties,” he said.

The jump in ticket prices also reflects how controversial groups may seek to use the president’s properties to boost their own profiles and bottom lines.

“The profit goes both ways,” Hooper said. “The hate group makes money and President Trump makes money. It’s a win-win for bigotry.”. . .

ACT for America, founded in 2007, describes itself as a “national security grassroots organization.” Gabriel, a Lebanese-born Christian, is known for espousing anti-Muslim views. In 2007, she declared that a “practicing Muslim … cannot be a loyal citizen to the United States of America.” The SPLC says ACT for America is “undoubtedly” the largest anti-Muslim in the United States.


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