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CAIR Board Chair Roula Allouch: Please bear with me

As-salaamu alaykum and Ramadan mubarak,

Please bear with me and read this short message. I know we are all overwhelmed these days.

Subhanallah, two weeks of Ramadan have already passed. I pray that you and your family are all keeping safe while fully benefiting from this month of mercy and forgiveness. I recognize that this will be a uniquely challenging Ramadan.

Each of us has family and friends who have been impacted by this pandemic. However, I have faith that, with Allah’s help, we will prevail stronger and will make this Ramadan one of the most spiritual, rewarding and uplifting you ever experience.

I will be very direct. Without your support this month, CAIR will be less able to assist the thousands of Muslims who come to us each year for help. We will also be less able to defend your civil rights at a time when they are under constant assault and when Islamophobia and other forms of bigotry are growing.



The demand for CAIR’s services has been growing in the COVID-19 crisis. More community members now depend on the legal resources and support we provide as they face unemployment, eviction or growing Islamophobia. 

To challenge the increase in Islamophobia, we have been busy engaging mainstream media outlets to highlight the positive contributions made by Muslim healthcare workers, volunteers, businesses, and relief workers in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Visit CAIR’s new COVID-19 Newsroom at:

We also offer a daily program live each day on Facebook highlighting the issues Muslims and all Americans face during the ongoing pandemic.

Because striving for justice and human rights does not stop during a crisis, our government affairs team continues to mobilize community members and engage policymakers to protect human and civil rights here and abroad.

All of this depends on your continuing support. Please help us serve our community and our most vulnerable members.

Our beloved Prophet (pbuh) reminded us that Allah helps His servants as long as they help others.

While I recognize that this is a difficult time for so many people, I am hoping I can count on you to support us to help reach our goal.

Remember, CAIR is a tax-deductible and zakat-eligible organization (Tax ID: 77-0646756).



Please visit to make a secure online donation using a credit card, e-check or PayPal. 

Monthly donations help us the most.

Thank you. May Allah bless you and your family with the best of health.


Roula Allouch

CAIR National Board Chair

P.S. — Make your gift help even more by asking your employer to match your donation. Your gift to CAIR is tax-deductible and zakat-eligible.

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