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CAIR calls for release of Iraq hostages, ceasefire

CAIR calls for release of Iraq hostages, ceasefire

The ongoing violence in Iraq is creating a humanitarian crisis that not only causes immense suffering among the civilian population, but also negatively impacts America’s image and interests throughout the Middle East.

Hundreds of innocent Iraqis have been killed and a number of hostages have been taken by insurgents. Today, the director of the main hospital in Fallujah said at least 450 people have been killed and more than 1,000 wounded in this week’s fighting. Three Japanese hostages are being threatened with death.

In an incident that is still subject to conflicting claims, American forces bombed a Fallujah mosque earlier this week, causing outrage in the Muslim world.

Even members of Iraq’s American-selected Governing Council are calling for an end to operations in Fallujah. Adnan Pachachi, a senior member of the Council, called the American actions there a “form of mass punishment.” Another Council member threatened to resign in protest.

We therefore call for:

“The immediate and safe release of all hostages held by Iraqi insurgents.

“A ceasefire by all parties in Fallujah and other Iraqi cities to allow entry of humanitarian supplies, medical treatment for the injured and proper burial of the dead.

“A complete investigation into the bombing of the Fallujah mosque.

“A United Nations Security Council discussion of the crisis in Iraq.

“Complete reappraisal of America’s deteriorating policy toward Iraq.

America’s Muslim community stands ready to do whatever it can to help bring stability, freedom and true independence to the people of Iraq.”


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