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CAIR Calls on State Department to Dismiss Senior Adviser with History of Anti-Muslim Views

(WASHINGTON, D.C., 12/4/19) – The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, today called on the State Department to fire Islamophobic right-wing pundit Frank Wuco as Senior Adviser at the State Department’s Bureau of Arms Control, Verification and Compliance because of his long history of anti-Muslim and extremist views. 

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Trump official who suggested dropping nuclear bombs on Afghanistan now responsible for arms control issues

Prior to joining the Department of Homeland Security in January 2017, Wuco worked as a conservative commentator and radio host. During that time, he frequently made anti-Muslim statements, including:

  • “If you’re a Muslim, you believe” that “violence and warfare against unbelievers” is “prescribed by God.”
  • “Right-thinking” Muslims “engage in jihad” because of their religion.
  • “My preference would have been to have dropped a couple of low-yield tactical nuclear weapons over Afghanistan the day after 9/11”.
  • Halting visas from “Muslim nations” is one of “these sort of great ideas that can never happen.”
  • “Muslim populations by-and-large will become enclave societies that, first, resist assimilation and then, will make every effort to establish independent rule for their enclaves under Shari’ah law.”
  • “The true nature of Islam ”¦ never intended to coexist, to complement, to mingle with other faiths.

“Hiring someone with such a long history of bigoted anti-Muslim views and who once advocated for dropping nuclear bombs on Afghanistan to an important position on arms control is truly absurd,” said CAIR Government Affairs Director Robert McCaw. “It would be like nominating a drug addict to head the DEA.”

In September, CAIR welcomed the firing of former Trump Administration National Security Adviser John Bolton, a man who has strong ties to anti-Muslim extremists. CAIR had previously opposed Bolton’s nomination because of his ties to anti-Muslim bigots and his promotion of extremist views.

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Last year, CAIR welcomed the resignation of Carl Higbie as the chief of external affairs in the Corporation for National and Community Service, the federal agency that runs AmeriCorps and other service programs. Higbie made remarks disparaging African-Americans, Muslims, immigrants, and other minority groups.

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In 2017, CAIR welcomed the firing of White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, the former head of Breitbart News. CAIR had called on Republican Party leaders to demand that President Trump dismiss Bannon following revelations that he promoted virulently anti-Muslim conspiracy theories in a 2007 film proposal.
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That year, CAIR also welcomed the resignation of Michael Flynn as President Trump’s national security adviser following revelations that he misled administration officials about conversations he had with the Russian ambassador to the United States. CAIR previously urged the president not to appoint Flynn to a White House post because of his history of anti-Muslim comments and associations. Flynn has claimed that “Islam is not a real religion, but a political ideology masked behind a religion,” compared Islam to a “cancer,” stated that fear of Muslims is “rational,” and is a current member of the board of advisers for the nation’s most virulent anti-Muslim hate group, ACT for America.

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CAIR is America’s largest Muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization. Its mission is to enhance understanding of Islam, protect civil rights, promote justice, and empower American Muslims.

La misión de CAIR es proteger las libertades civiles, mejorar la comprensión del Islam, promover la justicia, y empoderar a los musulmanes en los Estados Unidos.


CONTACT: CAIR Government Affairs Director Robert McCaw, 202-742-6448,; CAIR National Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper, 202-744-7726,

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