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CAIR-CAN Calls on Government to Scrap No-Fly List

Secret list lacks due process, open to profiling

(Ottawa, Canada – June 18, 2007) – The Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-CAN) today called upon the government to scrap the Passenger Protect Program, Canada’s no-fly list. With direction from CSIS and the RCMP, the undisclosed Transport Canada list will include names that are considered too dangerous to fly on domestic and international flights.

Passenger Protect has recently come under heavy criticism from MPs, rights groups and experts for its secrecy, lack of due process and violation of privacy rights.

In a recent CAIR-CAN submission to Transport Canada, entitled “Canada’s Passenger Protect Program: Too Guilty to Fly, Too Innocent to Charge?”
(available at, nine flaws of the no-fly list were outlined.

CAIR-CAN Executive Director Karl Nickner said in a statement:

“Passenger Protect leaves the door wide open for systemic profiling of Arab and Muslim travelers.

“How is it a person who is supposedly too dangerous to fly, is allowed to walk our streets, ride subways and drive cars? This is a clear violation of Canada’s liberty and mobility rights.

“A program that so profoundly impacts our fundamental liberties, human rights and privacy must be thoroughly investigated and debated by Parliament. Until then Passenger Protect should be scrapped.”

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CONTACT: Faisal Kutty, author of CAIR-CAN’s no-fly submission to Transport Canada, 647.406.4178; Sameer Zuberi, CAIR-CAN Communications Coordinator, 613.795.2012; Sarah Elgazzar, CAIR-CAN Spokeswoman, 514.776.6566; or Karl Nickner, CAIR-CAN Executive Director at 613.254.9704 or 613.853.4111.


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