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CAIR-CAN: Prime Minister Must Repatriate Gitmo Inmate

Canada has yet to see Khadr’s medical file, indication of torture

(Ottawa, Canada – Aug 9, 2007) The Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-CAN) in partnership with the Canadian Arab Federation (CAF), Canadian Islamic Congress (CIC), Islamic Circle of North America Canada (ICNA Canada), Islamic Social Services Association (ISSA), Islamic Society of North America Canada (ISNA Canada) and Muslim Association of Canada (MAC), along with 15 other regional organizations recently wrote Prime Minister Harper urging him to repatriate Canadian citizen Omar Khadr.

In the letter the organizations wrote, “The current government’s approach, in advocating for the basic human and legal rights of Mr. Khadr, has produced few tangible results.”

“We are calling upon the Canadian government to follow the example set by the U.K., France, Germany and Australia, all of whom have successfully repatriated their nationals. Our government should do no less,” said Faisal Kutty, CAIR-CAN Vice-Chair.

The coalition of 22 groups has also learned the Canadian government has yet to see Khadr’s medical records, even though he has been held at Guantanamo Bay for five years.

“The withholding of the most basic of documents – Mr. Khadr’s medical file – prevents the government from independently investigating allegations that Khadr may have been tortured,” said Kutty.

Letter to PM signed by 22 national and regional organizations:

Additional correspondence with Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay below:

May 31 CAIR-CAN letter to Foreign Affairs Minister MacKay:

July 22 reply by Foreign Affairs Minister MacKay:

CONTACT: Sameer Zuberi, CAIR-CAN Communications Coordinator (613) 254-9704 or (613) 795-2012


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