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CAIR-CAN Publishes Election 2004 Resource Guide

The Canadian Council on American-Islamic
Relations (CAIR-CAN) announced (2/6/2004) that it has published the first
installment of its “Election 2004 Resource Guide” for Canadian Muslims.

The guide, which has been developed to educate Canadian Muslims about the
Canadian election system and to encourage them to vote, is available at The first installment includes a section on “Why Should I
Vote?” and discusses the essentials of the Canadian election system.

CAIR-CAN also plans to publish a weekly “Election Watch” which will
summarize important articles that deal with the election campaign from
media outlets across the country. The election watch is intended to keep
potential voters informed and educated.

An excerpt of the “Why Should I Vote?” reads:

“It is your sacred duty to participate and make your society better. As a
Canadian Muslim, you have made your home in Canada and you benefit from the
many rights and privileges of Canadian citizenship. It is time to give back
to your community and your country. Your vote demonstrates that you are
committed to making Canada a better place for all Canadians.

“Voting plays a tremendous role in the making of government policy at all
levels – both locally and internationally. Voting is your chance to choose
a representative who best expresses your values and opinions as a Canadian

“Complacency, apathy and a mindset of victimization are your greatest
enemy. If you bury your head in the sand, you will harm no one but
yourself. If you are not vigilant about your rights and freedoms, you will
lose them. If you don’t speak up, no one will speak up on your behalf.

“The issues that affect you, your family and your community are too
numerous to mention. They include health care, education, childcare,
employment, immigration, national security, discrimination, racial
profiling and taxes….”

There are approximately 600 000 Muslims in Canada and 1.2 billion worldwide.

CONTACT: Riad Saloojee at 613-254-9704; E-mail:


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