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CAIR-CAN: Urge MPs to Vote Against Extension of Anti-Terror Act


(Ottawa, Canada, Feb. 11, 2007) The Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-CAN) is asks all Canadians of conscience to contact their local MP and urge them to vote against the Conservative government’s motion to extend certain provisions of the Anti-Terrorism Act.

According to reports, on Friday, Feb. 16, two of the act’s most controversial and far-reaching provisions will be subject to a parliamentary vote to determine if they will be extended for another three years. The two provisions – preventative detention, which allow authorities to hold individuals without charge for 72 hours, and investigative hearings, which compel individuals to appear before secret hearings for the purpose of investigation – were enacted in haste after 9/11.

The provisions are subject to a “sunset clause” thereby expiring this month – unless parliament votes otherwise.

ACTION REQESTED (Be firm but polite)

1) CALL your local MP and ask them to vote against the motion to renew these provisions in the Anti-Terrorism Act.

To call your MPs constituency office in Ottawa dial toll free at 1.866.599.4999.
Ask to be transferred to your MP by giving their name or riding. You can find
out who your MP is by visiting:

2) EMAIL your MP and ask them to vote against the motion to renew the two provisions of Anti-Terrorism Act.

You can find their email address by visiting:

3) Make duaa (pray).

SUGGESTED TALKING POINTS (Think out your position before you state it)

1) The Anti-terrorism Act lowers the threshold of evidence required to bring someone in for questioning.
2) The preventative arrests and investigative hearings are clear departures from Canadian legal values and traditions.
3) Fundamental civil and human rights are threatened by the two provisions.
4) The provisions are unnecessary to keep Canada safe.
5) The preventative arrests and investigative hearings are open to abuse by authorities.
6) The role of judges in our legal system are eroded through these provisions.
7) Feel free to add points of your own.

Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations
P.O. Box 13219, Ottawa, ONT, K2K 1X4
(t) 1.866.524.0004
(f) 613.254.9810


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