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CAIR condemns attacks on civilians

CAIR condemns attacks on civilians

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a Washington-based Islamic advocacy group, today condemned a bomb attack on a Passover celebration in the Middle East that left 20 people dead and more than 100 wounded.

In a statement, CAIR said:

“We condemn this attack and all other attacks on innocent civilians. Illegitimate and counterproductive tactics must not be used in the legitimate struggle to end Israel’s brutal occupation.

“This attack is of particular concern coming as it did during a religious observance in which the focus is remembrance of God.

“We ask the international community to similarly condemn actions by the Israeli armed forces that also target civilians and impose daily humiliation and suffering on an entire population through blockades, home demolitions, assassinations, indiscriminate shooting, torture, land confiscations and a wide variety of Apartheid-like and oppressive practices.

“To break this cycle of violence and counter-violence, all parties must focus on a political solution based on justice and equality, not force of arms.”


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