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CAIR Files Amicus Brief with 9th Circuit Court of Appeals on Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’

CAIR National logo(WASHINGTON, D.C., 4/24/17) – The Council on American-Islamic-Relations, the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, today said it has filed an amicus (“friend of the court”) brief with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit on the government’s attempt to remove a block placed on President Donald Trump’s “Muslim Ban” by a federal judge in Hawaii.

[CASE:  State of Hawaii v. Donald Trump, et al; United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit]

The amicus brief urges the Ninth Circuit Court to adopt the ruling in Sarsour v Trump, which recognized that:


  • Because every American Muslim is affected by the status of Islam and Muslims in America, a government-disseminated message disfavoring their faith affects each of them individually as well as the collective life they all, as a religious community, share.
  • All American Muslims, like the Sarsour plaintiffs, have standing to challenge the executive order because they suffered an intangible harm as a result of the government broadcasting an official message of condemnation against Islam and Muslims.
  • All American Muslim civil rights and grassroots activists, like the Sarsour plaintiffs, have suffered an additional tangible harm for having to spend time and energy “combat[ing] the pernicious effects of [the executive order] through religious advocacy and outreach.”

To receive a copy of CAIR’s brief, contact CAIR National Litigation Director Lena Masri, 248-390-9784,

CAIR has launched a “Register Me First” (#RegisterMeFirst) website to challenge President Trump’s Islamophobic policies, including the Muslim ban and a proposed “Muslim registry.” provides an opportunity for anyone who wants to oppose the Muslim ban, any future Muslim registry or other unconstitutional actions by the Trump administration to join the broader movement challenging those unjust policies.

GO TO: Register Me First

Video: Register Me First

The Washington-based civil rights and advocacy organization urges community members to report any bias incidents to police and to CAIR’s Civil Rights Department at 202-742-6420 or by filing a report at:    

CAIR is America’s largest Muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization. Its mission is to enhance the understanding of Islam, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties, empower American Muslims, and build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding.

La misión de CAIR es mejorar la comprensión del Islam, fomentar el diálogo, proteger las libertades civiles, capacitar a los musulmanes estadounidenses, y construir coaliciones que promuevan la justicia y la comprensión mutua.

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CONTACT: CAIR National Litigation Director Lena Masri, 248-390-9784,; CAIR CAIR Co-Counsel Gadeir Abbas, 720-251-0425,; CAIR National Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper, 202-744-7726, 

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