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CAIR-Georgia Issues Travel Alert for Muslims After U.S. Supreme Court Reinstates President Trump’s Muslim Ban

(ATLANTA, GA – 12/5/2017) The Georgia chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations today responded to the Supreme Court’s reinstatement of the Muslim Ban by issuing a travel alert to Georgia Muslims, as well as local businesses and schools, with connections to citizens of the six targeted Muslim-majority nations.

SEE: CAIR Georgia Issues Travel Alert To Georgia Muslims After Muslim Ban Reinstated

“Because anti-Muslim bigotry motivated President Trump’s travel ban, no part of the ban should take effect for any length of time,” said attorney Edward Ahmed Mitchell, executive director of CAIR Georgia”

As a precaution, CAIR Georgia warned citizens of the targeted countries who are present in Georgia as lawful permanent residents, students, workers, or tourists to consult with an immigration attorney before traveling overseas. CAIR Georgia also encouraged anyone who thinks they may be impacted by the latest Muslim Ban to contact the civil rights organization or an immigration attorney. 

Because the Ban only impacts foreign nationals who do not yet have visas, CAIR Georgia does not expect any travelers to be detained at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

Mitchell said, “Although we hope the Supreme Court will ultimately overturn this unjust and unconstitutional policy, President Trump is now able to ban travelers from the targeted Muslims countries, even if they have family, job offers, or educational opportunities in the United States.”

CAIR Georgia released the following chart to explain the basics about the travel ban.

CONTACT: Edward Ahmed Mitchell; 404-285-9530;


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