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CAIR-Georgia Wins Settlement Worth Almost $50,000 for Worker Who Experienced Anti-Muslim Harassment on the Job

(ATLANTA, GA – 10/15/2018) The Georgia chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations today announced that one of its clients has received a settlement worth almost $50,000 after experiencing anti-Muslim harassment on the job. 

As part of a confidential settlement agreement, CAIR Georgia has agreed not to publicly identify the employer responsible for the anti-Muslim harassment.

“We welcome this positive outcome, and we strongly encourage other Georgia Muslims who experience workplace discrimination to speak up,” said CAIR-Georgia staff attorney Murtaza Khwaja. “Do not suffer quietly. Alert us immediately so that we can help you stand up for your rights.”

In a statement, CAIR Georgia executive director Edward Ahmed Mitchell said:

“In the nearly two years since Donald Trump took office, our office has received a significant increase in complaints of anti-Muslim bigotry within the workplace, which now accounts for the majority of our casework.

“Among other things, a grocery store manager threw away a Muslim woman’s prayer rug. A company banned a Muslim from attending Friday prayer. A group of employees openly mocked their Muslim co-worker, calling him ‘ISIS.’ A restaurant manager drastically cut an employee’s hours because she started wearing a hijab.

“These and other acts of employment discrimination are just as illegal today as they were before President Trump took office. Employers must grant their employees reasonable religious accommodations. Employers must protect their employees from bigotry at the hands of co-workers or supervisors. Employers must not undermine, elevate, or otherwise treat employees differently based on their religious identity. 

“Any employers who choose to discriminate must face the legal and financial consequences of doing so.”

CONTACT: Edward Ahmed Mitchell,; Murtaza Khwaja,

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