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CAIR-Houston Teaches Medical Personnel About Islam

A Health Care Professional's Guide to Islamic Religious Practices. A CAIR Publication.

A Health Care Professional’s
Guide to Islamic Religious
Practices: A CAIR Publication.
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(HOUSTON, TX, 2/19/05) – A representative of the Houston office of Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Houston) recently offered a presentation on the basics of the Islamic faith and common misconceptions about Islam and Muslims at the University of Texas Medical Branch’s Dental School. The February 17 event was hosted by the Muslim Health Professionals Society.

CAIR-Houston Executive Director Iesa Galloway told the group of doctors, dentists, medical chaplains, medical students, and other professionals about the Muslim perspective on issues such as interfaith relations, the status of women and Islam’s rejection of terrorism and violence.

“I thought the event was well-prepared they had good food, a beautiful summary of the presentation tenets of Islam”¦The question and answer session was informative and was a refreshing perspective,” said one event attendee.

CAIR publishes a booklet for medical personnel called “A Health Care Professional’s Guide to Islamic Religious Practices.” The booklet may be requested by e-mailing (Include name, address and phone number in the request.)

CONTACT: CAIR-Houston, 713-838-2247, 832-656-0449


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