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CAIR-LA: Los Angeles Times Anti-Terror Ad Feedback

On Wednesday, May 26, 2004, CAIR-LA published a full-page advertisement in
the Los Angeles Times denouncing all forms of terror carried out in the
name of religion. The ad will also be published in five Orange County, Los
Angeles-area and Northern California community newspapers as part of the
ongoing “Islam in America” advertising campaign.


In response we received a very large number of responses, almost all
positive from the community. Below are a few examples:

Hi! I’m a fundamentalist born-again Christian raised in a Christian home
and active in Christian churches all my life. I was moved to tears by your
full page ad in the LA Times today. I totally believe that the Spirit of
God Almighty is taking part in your reach out to others of faith within our
communities…God bless you. Shalom; I wish I knew how to say “Aalaam
Allukum”, you know what I’m trying to say. Ok, God bless! – Tim J.

As an American Christian, or perhaps more properly, simply a ‘monotheist’,
I was heartened to read your LA Times presentation in the May 26, 2004
issue on disavowing any support of terrorists and terrorism, particularly,
those perpetrated in the name of Islam. This is the first public
announcement of this type from a Muslim organization that has come to my
attention. I’m sure there may have been others that I did not see. – Philip K.

As a Jewish person, I was touched by the ad and it nearly brought tears to
my eyes… – Roberta L.


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