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CAIR Mobilizes Muslim Voters and Gets out the Vote


The American Muslim community witnessed a great historical moment this year when Democrat Keith Ellison was elected as the nation’s first Muslim in Congress.

“Tonight, we made history,” Mr Ellison said in a victory speech to supporters. “We won a key election, but we did much more than that. We showed that a candidate can run a 100% positive campaign and prevail, even against tough opposition.”

Many commentators felt that Ellison’s election victory was reflective of a larger trend: more American Muslim voters were turning out to make their voices heard.

CAIR’s list of 400,000 registered Muslim voters helped it to get out the vote nationwide in the mid-term elections and encourage increased political participation within its community.

CAIR chapters throughout the country organized massive voter registration drives and hosted voter education forums. It was CAIR’s aim to empower the American Muslim community by helping it build a stronger political presence as well as encourage active civic participation.

CAIR also surveyed 1000 registered Muslim voters about their demographic profiles, political views and levels of social integration. The results of the survey indicated that Muslim voters are religiously diverse, well integrated in American society, and are politically active.

The full results of CAIR’s survey may be viewed at:

SEE: CAIR Rep Discusses Poll Results on C-SPAN’s ‘Washington Journal’

rtsp:// (Start Time: 36:30)


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