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CAIR-OH: OSU Medical Center Accomodates Hijab

The Ohio office of the Council on
American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Ohio) today announced that Muslim women
who work at the Ohio State University Medical Center will maintain their
right to wear their religiously-mandated head scarves, or hijab. Their
jobs had recently been threatened by an attempt to more strictly enforce
a dress code that would have banned head scarves.

In discussions with CAIR-Ohio, the University Hospitals Office of
Facilities Services agreed that Muslim women will be allowed to work and
wear their head scarves, providing they are white in color. In addition,
CAIR-Ohio has been asked to conduct Islamic awareness training for
medical center staff.

“We are very encouraged by the willingness of the Ohio State University
Medical Center to accommodate the religious needs of its workers,” said
Ahmad Al-Akhras, president of CAIR-Ohio.

There are more than 150,000 Muslims in Ohio. CAIR, America’s largest
Islamic civil liberties group, has 28 regional offices and chapters
nationwide and in Canada. CAIR-Ohio was founded in 1998.

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CONTACT: Jad Humeidan, CAIR-Ohio Executive Director,, 614-571-2770; Ahmad Al-Akhras, 614-989-5916


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