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CAIR-Ohio Amplifies Muslim Perspective as New District Maps are Drawn

(COLUMBUS, OHIO 1/19/2021) — This week, the Ohio Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Ohio) submitted testimony to ensure new maps are drawn fairly following the Ohio Supreme Court’s decision to strike down the unconstitutional maps adopted in September. 

Following the Ohio Supreme Court decision, the commission was given 10 days to propose redrawn state legislative maps that follow constitutional provisionsThe Court’s ruling affirms that the Ohio Constitution prohibits partisan gerrymandering in our state legislative maps and requires the maps to reflect Ohio’s 54% Republican – 46% Democratic partisan makeup. 

With this redraw, the Ohio Redistricting Commission has another opportunity to do right by Ohioans and deliver us the fair maps that we deserve.  

Below is an excerpt from CAIR-Ohio Acting Executive Director Amina Barhumi’s testimony: 

It is critical for the Muslim community – which so often experiences discrimination, is so often ignored or vilified by elected officials – to have fair representation and equal power at the ballot box.     

The Court’s ruling affirmed what constituents have been saying for years: democracy demands that voters pick their leaders, not the other way around. With this redraw, the ORC has another chance to do right by Ohioans and deliver fair maps. 

 Representational fairness would reflect the average statewide vote over the past decade (D~46%/R~54%). There should be no cracking or packing to favor a party, especially around major cities with substantial Muslim communities and communities of color such as the 3 Cs, Toledo, and Dayton. 

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