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CAIR logoThank Library System for Promoting Positive Image of Islam in Oklahoma

Ask that Muslim woman’s image remain on Pioneer Library System Vehicle

(OKLAHOMA CITY, OK, 8/30/2016)  – The Oklahoma chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-OK) is requesting Oklahomans of all faiths and backgrounds to send a note of appreciation to the Pioneer Library System for featuring the image of a Muslim woman on the side of Pioneer Library System vehicles.

According to a report from, Executive Director of Pioneer Library Systems Ann Masters, said: “There are a total of 20 different images that demonstrate young people and older people, people of different cultures and races. Each image is unique and different. What they have in common is that they all have either a book or an iPad or something seen to be the use of a service of the library. Each vehicle has the words 'Good Things Coming My Way.'”

“What we were trying to express through those words and those images was that regardless of age or gender or race or nationality or disability or other cultural connections, the library welcomes people with each of these ties to the community. We didn't intend to promote any religious belief and we don't think we did. We don't view the image as an endorsement or disapproval of any religious belief.”

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1)     Share the following image (download here) and tag Pioneer Library System thanking them for representing the diversity of our state and promoting a positive image of Islam.


b.       @PioneerLibSys

2)     Contact Pioneer Library System Executive Director Ann Masters and cc Administrative Offices and thank them for promoting a positive image of Islam.

a.       Ann Masters –

b.       Admin Offices –

3)      Post a message of appreciation to Pioneer Library System Facebook page thanking them for promoting a positive image of Muslims in Oklahoma here:

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