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CAIR Open Letter to Muslims on the November 2 Elections


Assalamu alaikum,

In light of Tuesday’s election results and the months of preparation that
preceded the general election, we would like to take this opportunity to
congratulate the Muslim community on its success. American Muslims have a
lot to celebrate. You proved yet again by your record turnout at the polls
that Muslims are an important part of our society’s rich religious and
ethnic heritage.

We extend our sincerest thanks to each and every American Muslim who worked
hard to mobilize and empower their community. American Muslims obtained
state voter lists, with particular emphasis on Florida and Ohio, and
organized volunteers in “get out the vote” efforts nationwide. These
volunteers also contacted tens of thousands of voters, asking for their
pledge to go to the polls on November 2nd. CAIR, along with the
indispensable assistance of individual Muslim activists, responded to the
need for more proactive initiatives in the 2004 elections by:

* Registering thousands of people to vote, both in-person and online
* Organizing town hall meetings with candidates nationwide
* Getting out the vote by calling potential voters and transporting them to
polling stations
* Issuing candidate scorecards and voter guides
* Conducting research on and surveys of American Muslim voters
* Distributing exit polls and analyzing the results
* Communicating newsworthy information about the elections to the Muslim
* Publicizing the American Muslim political endorsement

All of this is an indication of an ongoing process of political maturation.

As we look forward, we should reflect on lessons learned. In order to
sustain and advance on the successes of this year’s mobilization efforts,
there are a few steps American Muslims can begin to take today to further
empower our community in the years to come. Among the necessary steps, a
few are to:

* Train our community to become more politically active, specifically in
the areas of voter registration, get out the vote efforts and election
officer certification.
* Issue a report that will analyze the voting trends of Americans and
American Muslims and determine strategies to maximize the power of our vote.
* Build coalitions with groups that share common ground on issues of
importance to the Muslim community.
* Compile an exhaustive list of registered voters nationwide and other data
on our community to take advantage of demographic strengths.
* Use the example of other Muslims who have run for public office, and
become more active at the local level, advocating our issues in district,
city and regional elections.

Be sure to keep informed by visiting our website: Rest
assured that CAIR will, insha’Allah, continue its mission of enhancing
understanding of Islam, encouraging dialogue, protecting civil liberties,
empowering American Muslims, and building coalitions in support of justice
and mutual understanding.

We remain devoted to the cause of advocating for the American Muslim
community’s issues in the corridors of power–regardless of which political
party holds a majority.

We are dedicated to reaching out to the re-elected President and his
administration, advancing the twin causes of pluralism and diversity in
American society.

The values we uphold know neither party affiliation nor sectarian creed.
Their universality is what inspires us to continue our crucial work. We ask
that you help us in that regard by implementing the above steps and by
continuing to reach out to others in an attempt to make the next four years
a propitious time in the history of American Muslims.

Congratulations on a job well done. We look forward to improving on our
past successes in the months and years to come.


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