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Georgetown University cop allegedly assaults Muslim family

Georgetown University cop allegedly assaults Muslim family

A prominent American Muslim advocacy group is calling on Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., to investigate an incident yesterday in which a Muslim family says they were assaulted by a campus police officer.

According to the Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the incident took place in the Georgetown University Hospital Parking Garage. According to the complaint, a Muslim man, his wife and
their 4-month-old child were leaving their space in the parking garage (their child had just been seen at the hospital) when the car driven by the officer, who was in uniform, blocked them.

When the Muslim driver motioned to the officer to move so that he could exit the space, the officer allegedly exited his car, ran to the Muslim driver’s car, and began slamming the car door on the driver who was
partially out of the door. (The officer apparently did not want to move his car forward so as not to lose access to the space that the Muslim driver was exiting.)

When the Muslim driver demanded to know what the officer was doing and why, he allegedly said: “I know you Muslims. You hate us and you hate Jesus.” (Muslims revere Jesus as a Prophet of God.) Referring to the Muslim driver’s wife, who was wearing an Islamic head scarf, he said: “You’re Muslim, he’s Muslim, you hate [derogatory term for African-Americans].”

At that point, the Muslim driver called 911 and Washington, D.C., police arrived. Fearing retaliation from the officer, and despite receiving scratches and muscle strains during the assault, the Muslim driver did not file charges at that time.

CAIR is demanding an immediate investigation of the incident and disciplinary action against the officer, up to and including termination. The Islamic advocacy group says the officer may be open to federal hate crimes charges.


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