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Help Get CAIR’s PSA on Local TV Stations

CAIR is asking for the help of local Muslim
activists to promote the distribution and broadcast of the “I am an
American Muslim” television public service announcement (PSA).


CAIR’s 30 and 60-second PSA, which is designed to challenged anti-Muslim
bias, features American Muslims of European, African-American, Hispanic,
and Native American heritage. Each person in the PSA states how they and
their families have served America and ends by saying, “I am an American
Muslim.” (See the INCITEMENT WATCH below for an example of Islamophobic

The PSA was first distributed by satellite to television public service
directors in June. It will be rebroadcast to television stations nationwide
on Wednesday, July 14.


1. Please call each of your local television stations and ask to speak to
the person who handles public service announcements.

2. Explain to that person why it is important to help reduce anti-Muslim
bias in our society and how this PSA could assist in that goal.

3. Ask that the PSA be recorded from the following satellite feed:

DATE: Wednesday, July 14th
TIME: 2:00pm – 2:15pm ET (11:00am – 11:15am PT)
SATELLITE COORDINATES: C-BAND, AMC 9, Transponder 22, D/L 4140 H

4. Contact Rabiah Ahmed (, 202-488-8787, 202-439-1441)
if the public service director requires a hard copy of the PSA or if you
need more information about the campaign.

Incitement Watch: ‘Islam is Rife with Cruelty’


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