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Honda: Investigation Granted into Chaplain Yee Case

US Rep. Mike Honda (D-San Jose) today announced that the
Inspector General (IG) of the US Department of Defense has agreed to his
formal request for an investigation into the US Army’s court martial of
James Yee, the Muslim chaplain who resigned from the Army on August 2 after
being subjected to months of questionable military legal procedures.

“Chaplain Yee’s treatment by the US Army clearly warrants an investigation
into the handling of his entire case, including whether his detention was
supported by adequate evidence and appropriate legal charges,” Congressman
Honda said. “I have grave concerns about the government’s track record of
unsubstantiated charges – most notably in the case of Wen Ho Lee – and
Chaplain Yee’s case raises serious questions about the way the military
administers justice.”

Citing “irreparabl[e] injur[ies]” to his personal and professional
reputation due to the Army’s “unfounded allegations,” Chaplain Yee on
August 2 submitted a letter of resignation to the Army, requesting formal
discharge as of January 7, 2005.

The issue stems from the September 10, 2003 arrest of US Army Chaplain Yee,
a commissioned officer of Islamic faith whom Army officials held in
solitary confinement for 76 days on a variety of charges ranging from
treason to mishandling classified documents. The Army later dropped all
criminal charges, opting to pursue a non-judicial punishment that Chaplain
successfully fought on appeal before his full reinstatement.

In response to allegations that the Army denied Chaplain Yee the military
courtesies commensurate with his rank and targeted him because of his
religious affiliation with Islam, Rep. Honda publicly called for an
investigation into the matter to ensure that the Army complies with
accepted rules of law”¦


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