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IL: Muslim Group Reacts to Arrest of Local Man


The Illinois- based Muslim Civil Rights Center (MCRC)
today reacted to the arrest of Muhammad Salah, an area Muslim who has been
indicted on charges of racketeering conspiracy to provide money for
terrorist acts.

In its statement, MCRC said:

“While it is important that our government takes effective steps to protect
our country against terrorist threats, it is equally important that all
those suspected of wrongdoing be given their constitutionally-guaranteed
right to due process of law, as well as the presumption of innocence.

“Unfortunately, such indictments in the past have been exploited by those
who have sought to denigrate the American Muslim community.

“Such cases must be judged on basis of the evidence, not on the religious
beliefs or national origins of the defendants. It is important that the
media and judicial system proceed cautiously and that the legal rights of
the accused are protected.

“Given previous cases involving innocent Americans like Wen Ho Lee, Brandon
Mayfield and James Yee, in which evidence proved to be flawed or missing;
MCRC is concerned about the strength of the charges against Salah.

“MCRC will carefully monitor this situation to ensure that justice is done
and that no individuals or groups are victimized due to religion or
national origin.”

MCRC, an Islamic civil and human rights group based in Hickory Hills,
Illinois, creates awareness about civil and human rights among American
Muslims and facilitates legal assistance to assure due process and fair
trial for the community members.

Contact: Ahmad Tansheet of the Muslim Civil Rights Center 708-598-6640


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