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Jewish groups asked to condemn Israeli attacks

Jewish groups asked to condemn Israeli attacks

A prominent American Muslim advocacy group is calling on leaders of major Jewish organizations to condemn the Israeli government’s ongoing attacks on Palestinian civilians in the Occupied Territories.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) says Jewish groups often demand that Muslims condemn violence against civilians, but are silent when those they support carry out such attacks.

In a statement, CAIR Governmental Affairs Director Jason Erb said:

“National American Muslim groups have condemned attacks on civilians, including last week’s Passover bombing, the murder of journalist Daniel Pearl and the recent killings at a Pakistani church. Where are the voices of national Jewish organizations in condemning Israel’s brutal military assaults now being carried out against Muslim and Christian Palestinian civilians?

“Why have these groups never condemned collective punishment of civilian populations? Where is the condemnation of torture, assassinations, summary executions, assaults on journalists and medical personnel, land confiscations, dispossessions, destruction of homes and agricultural land, blockades of towns and villages, denial of medical services, and the uncounted daily humiliations suffered by the Palestinians at the hands of Israeli occupation forces?

“Unless these groups take a principled and even-handed stand on all aspects of terrorism, including state terrorism, they will be viewed as little more than propagandists for a foreign government who are complicit in the same kind of violence they ask others to repudiate.”

To illustrate his point, Erb cited an article in today’s Christian Science Monitor indicating that many Jewish groups are backing Israel’s hard-line policies against Palestinian civilians. SEE: “Many American Jews rally
around Sharon


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