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Monday: Facebook Live “Unheard. – A Community Discussion on the Ongoing Violence Targeting the Black-American Community

We’ve all seen the horrific developments in the cases of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and countless others. The Black-American community is under constant threat in a way that no other community is – and we must stand up to protect our brothers and sisters.

Tune in on Monday night at 8pm (Arizona Time) on CAIR-Arizona’s Facebook Page.

We will be hearing from:

Rashaad Thomas – Poet and Writer

Shelley Thomas – Organizing Corp, 2020

Jevin Hodge – National Engagement Coordinator – LINK Strategic Partners

Tabark Abdelhabib – CAIR-AZ Former Government Affairs Intern

Azza Abuseif – CAIR-AZ Board of Directors

Imraan Siddiqi – CAIR-AZ Executive Director

We are planning on having a great discussion – and solutions of how you can help out those who are on the ground standing for justice.

Tune in, Monday night!

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