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Muslims Launch Website Supporting Kerry

A group of private citizens is officially launching a new website
encouraging Muslim Americans to vote for John Kerry in the November
presidential election. The site features
news, articles, testimonials, forums, voter registration links and a blog.
Its primary goal is to educate Muslim American voters about the
Kerry-Edwards campaign and to show that this November there is a clear
choice when it comes to the issues Muslims care about most.

After the 2000 presidential elections, Muslim voters in swing states (such
as Ohio, Michigan, Florida and Virginia) proved to be crucial voting blocs.
Many analysts argue that the decision of leading Muslims organizations to
endorse George W. Bush helped tip the election in his favor. Since 2000,
though, Muslim voters have formed stronger opinions and are far more
politically active, making their foreseeable impact on the 2004
presidential election even larger.

“Muslims voters in this election are a crucial demographic for the
campaigns, because of their concentration in battleground states like
Michigan and Ohio,” said Shahed Amaah, one of the founders of “In this election Muslim voters will come out in large
numbers and vote for the candidate that offers this country the brightest
future. That candidate is clearly John Kerry, and we believe that as
Muslims weigh the various options in the months ahead, they will come to
the conclusion that Kerry is the right man for the presidency of the United
States of America.”

Muslims have become increasingly outspoken in their opposition to specific
policies of the Bush Administration – from the deterioration of civil
rights and unqualified use of military force, to the struggling economy and
the sickly state of health care. Recognizing this heightened awareness,
Muslim organizations are launching educational initiatives and registering
unprecedented numbers of voters, many of whom are becoming involved for the
first time.


Nabeel Yousef, 614-578-8186,;
Shahed Amaah, 650-248-6135,;


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