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Ohio mosque vandalism prompts call for police protection

Ohio mosque vandalism prompts call for police protection

The Islamic Foundation of Central Ohio (IFCO) and the Ohio Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Ohio) today called on law enforcement authorities in that state to step up protection of Muslim institutions and businesses following an attack by vandals on the Islamic Center of Columbus.

The vandals caused severe damage overnight to all three floors of the center. Copies of the Quran, Islam’s revealed text, were shredded.Water pipes were ripped out of walls and broken in a way that would cause maximum damage to the center.

CAIR-Ohio has recorded several incidents of anti-Muslim harassment, threats, discrimination, and violence over the past three months.

“Muslims has received many messages of support from people of other faiths who abhor the anti-Islamic backlash that is now taking place. Unfortunately, the bigoted acts of a small minority are creating an
atmosphere of apprehension and fear in the American Muslim community,” said CAIR-Ohio Executive Director Jad Humeidan. Humeidan called on elected officials to reiterate their statements rejecting anti-Muslim hysteria and discrimination.

“This attack is not against a mosque, it’s an attack against all religions, against our liberties and against our values,” said IFCO President Mohammed Shareef.

IFCO is offering $1,000 reward for any leads that result in the capture and prosecution of the perpetrators.

The attack was not the first against Ohio religious institutions. Immediately after the September 11th terrorist attacks, the Greater Cleveland Islamic Center was attacked by a drunk driver who smashed his car through a wall, knocked over three pillars and landed on top of a fountain in the mosque rotunda. A drive by shooting also occurred at the Islamic Center of Greater Toledo.

CAIR-Ohio is calling on Muslims and people of other faiths to help repair the damage done to the mosque.

CONTACT: Tel: 614-451-3232 E-Mail:


1) Please Call the Islamic Center of Columbus and offer your support, Tel: 614-253-3251

2) Send you donations to:

    Islamic Foundation of Central Ohio
    C/o CAIR-Ohio
    4700 Reed Road, Suite B
    Columbus, OH 43220

3) Call the Ohio Civil Rights Commission, Columbus Regional Office (614-466-5928) to ask for their assistance in ending hate crimes against Muslims.


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