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Texas Leaders Asked to Condemn Islamophobia


On Monday, September 20, the Houston office of the
Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Houston) will hold a news
conference at which the Muslim civil rights group will call on religious
and political leaders in Texas to speak out against Islamophobia. That call
comes following a series of anti-Muslim incidents in the state, including a
firebomb attack Friday on an Islamic center in El Paso.

WHAT: CAIR-Houston news conference on Islamophobia
WHEN: 11 a.m., Monday, September 20, 2004
WHERE: CAIR-Houston Office, 5821 Southwest Freeway, Suite 304, Houston, TX

CONTACT: CAIR-Houston, 713-838-2247, 832-656-0449

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“Islamic Center Of El Paso Threatened”

“Unfortunately, when political and religious leaders remain silent on the
issue of anti-Muslim hate, bigots mistake that silence for acceptance and
act accordingly,” said CAIR-Houston Executive Director Iesa Galloway.

In August, CAIR asked law enforcement authorities in McAllen, Texas, to
investigate an intentionally-set fire at a Muslim store as a possible hate
crime. The fire followed two separate incidents in which unknown parties
painted the phrase “Go Home” on the door of the store. The hate-graffiti
appeared just after the store began running advertisements on local
television that featured a Muslim woman wearing an Islamic head scarf.

Earlier this year, a man was arrested for threatening the same El Paso
Islamic center targeted in Friday’s terror attack, an arson suspect was
arrested at the scene of a fire at a Muslim business in San Antonio,
vandals scrawled racist graffiti on the interior of a Lubbock mosque, and a
home-made bomb exploded in the mailbox of a Houston Islamic center.

In response to anti-Muslim incidents nationwide following the 9/11 attacks,
CAIR published a “Muslim Community Safety Kit.” The safety kit may be
obtained free of charge by e-mailing (Include name,
address and phone number when requesting the safety kit.)

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“UC Police Probe Possible Hate Crime”,1413,86~10669~2412669,00.html

CAIR, America’s largest Islamic civil liberties group, has 29 regional offices and chapters nationwide and in Canada.

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CONTACT: Ibrahim Hooper, 202-488-8787 or 202-744-7726, E-Mail:;
Rabiah Ahmed, 202-488-8787 or 202-439-1441, E-Mail:


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