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U.S. Muslims barred from Israel hold News Conference

U.S. Muslims barred from Israel hold News Conference

On Monday, June 17, the group American Muslims for Jerusalem (AMJ) will hold a news conference outside Union Station in Washington, D.C., with some of the 20 American Muslims barred from Israel on Sunday.

The Muslim “Peace Through Understanding” delegation, organized by AMJ, went to the Middle East on a fact-finding tour to meet with Israeli and Palestinian peace activists. Delegation members were held under guard for eight hours at Ben Gurion airport before being denied entry because of “security concerns.” A delegation spokeswoman told Associated Press she believed her group was expelled because it was made up primarily of American Muslims.

Israel recently detained, and then released, two American Muslim relief workers who sought to help Palestinian civilians whose lives were disrupted by the Israeli invasion of the Occupied Territories. A number of other American and European peace activists have been detained and deported by Israeli authorities.

WHEN: Monday, June 17, 11 a.m. (Eastern)

WHERE: Outside Union Station, Washington, D.C. (Group members will arrive at Newark airport in New Jersey and then travel by train to Washington, D.C.)


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