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U.S. Muslims Publish Ad Denouncing Terror, Bigotry

The Southern California office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-LA) today published a full-page advertisement in the Los Angeles Times denouncing all forms of terror carried out in the name of religion.

To view the ad, go to:

The ad, headlined “NO TO TERRORISM, NO TO BIGOTRY,” reads:

“Over the last few weeks, Americans of all faiths have been horrified by images of violence in the Middle East. The Iraqi prisoner abuse scandal does not represent America or Christianity. The Israeli missile that killed innocent Palestinian children in Gaza does not represent Judaism. And the beheading of an innocent American man, Nicholas Berg, does not represent Islam.

“Islam, Christianity and Judaism share the basic values necessary to create a world in which tolerance and peace prevail. We have an opportunity to build bridges between our faiths and to challenge those who attempt to divide humanity along religious and ethnic lines.

“American Muslims condemn all acts of terrorism and are as outraged as their fellow Americans by atrocities committed in the name of God and their faith. Two weeks ago, we invited Muslims in America and all over the world to support our stance against terrorism by signing the “Not in the Name of Islam” online petition posted on our web site: So far, individuals and organizations representing more than 500,000 Muslims are signatories to this petition.

“We now call on our fellow Americans of all faiths to join us in opposing those who promote hatred, violence and bigotry. Let us all say ‘not in our name.'”

The CAIR ad appears today in the main “A” section of the Los Angeles Times. It will also be published in five Orange County, Los Angeles-area and Northern California community newspapers as part of the ongoing “Islam in America” advertising campaign.


[Anyone who would like to publish the ad in a local newspaper should contact CAIR-LA at 714-776-1847 or]

CAIR, America’s largest Islamic civil liberties group, is headquartered in Washington, D.C., and has 26 regional offices and chapters nationwide and in Canada.


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