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U.S. Muslims say war on Iraq not justified

U.S. Muslims say war on Iraq not justified

A prominent national Islamic civil rights and advocacy group today re-affirmed its long-standing position that an attack on Iraq by the United States is not justified and that United Nations weapons inspectors should be given sufficient time to complete their task.

The statement by the Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) said:

“Nuclear, chemical and biological weapons constitute a serious threat to humanity. The possible use of such weapons by Iraq, North Korea, Israel, and other nations is of great concern to all Americans. But the elimination of banned weapons possibly held by Iraq should be dealt with through the United Nations, not through precipitous unilateral action by the United States.

“An American attack on Iraq would almost certainly lead to the death of many innocent civilians, further destabilize an already unstable region, harm international efforts to combat terrorism, drain much-needed financial resources from our struggling economy, and set a dangerous precedent for unilateral intervention in the affairs of other nations. Any American invasion and occupation of Iraq will fuel anti-American sentiment and would thereby harm our nation’s image and interests in the Middle East and throughout the Muslim world.

“Instead of pursuing a costly and globally unpopular interventionist policy that will likely result in many unintended consequences, the United States should agree to allow United Nations weapons inspectors to continue their work as long as those inspectors believe the effort to eliminate banned weapons is moving forward.”


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