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We Defeated Religious Segregation in Virginia

What does six CAIR attorneys and more than 1,000 hours of legal casework get you? A federal judge declaring religious segregation illegal in a Virginia jail.  

When Muslim inmates at the Riverside Regional Jail approached CAIR and told us that their facility provided preferential treatment for prisoners who signed up for a Bible-based program – while failing to accommodate their fasting during Ramadan – we took on the case and won.  Last week, a Virginia federal court ruled in favor of the three Muslims on whose behalf CAIR sued.  

As the judge explained, the jail’s separate inmate quarters known as the “God Pod” and otherwise better treatment offered to Christian inmates: “was in effect in violation of Plaintiffs’ constitutional rights under the First and Fourteenth Amendments and the Virginia Constitution.” The jail was immediately ordered to end this program because separate is not equal.  CAIR’s fight is still not over. The court will soon hold a trial to resolve certain factual issues regarding the jail’s pattern of failing to accommodate Muslims who observed fasting during Ramadan.    

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Nihad Awad
National Executive Director
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