Protecting your right to travel freely


Just a few months ago, CAIR was able to get two upstanding, law-abiding American Muslims removed from the unconstitutional “no fly list,” which prevents those on the list from returning to their families in the United States or from traveling on an airplane domestically or internationally.

One was Imam Yussuf Abdi, a loving husband, father and an imam of a mosque in Utah.  He was placed on the unconstitutional no-fly list and barred from returning to the United States from Kenya until CAIR and Refugee Justice League filed an emergency lawsuit on his behalf.

Another was Zijad Bosnic, a U.S. citizen and a loving husband and father from Florida, was prevented from boarding a flight back to his home in the United States from Bosnia.

Both men are glad they reported their cases to CAIR. The constitution is on our side. Our lawyers were able to help them and their families, and they are now able to travel without government interference. 

TAKE ACTION:  If you experience any discrimination while traveling, please call CAIR's Civil Rights Department at 202-742-6420 or file a report online at:  All of CAIR’s services, including the help of our lawyers, is provided at zero cost to community members and we work. As always, we keep all of our clients’ information confidential—including their telephone number, address, email address and any other identifying information—unless they clearly give us permission to use it.

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