Racist Slurs Used During Attack on WA Arab-American


SEATTLE - The owner of a deli was attacked inside his store in Seattle's Crown Hill neighborhood. But he fought back and the brawl was caught on tape, which may lead to hate crime charges.

Store owner Steve Saleh defended himself during what police are calling a hate crime.

Two apparently very intoxicated customers - a man and a woman - came into Saleh's store to purchase beer and cigarettes. While being served, the woman unleashed a tirade of anti-Arab slurs.

Saleh says he just wanted the couple out of his store.

"It was awful, it was my first time and I work in many grocery stores," he said.

Mohammed Fares Kassim, who also was in the store, says he's never been insulted like he was last night.

"We did not say anything to her. The first words she say to us was... you are not American. Then she start calling us names that we were Arab and you need to go back to your country," he said.


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