Rashid Al-Banna

  • commented on FBI Entrapment Harms Vulnerable Muslims 2018-11-04 09:27:05 -0500
    No Benjamin. Your intellectually and morally twisted Islamophobic paradigm has you intentionally looking at the problem backwards as discussed by Attorney Rachel Roberts in her blog. What she is saying is that the FBI has a history of targeting vulnerable US Muslims for entrapment who in certain cases suffer from mental illness. The blog’s author says nothing about what CAIR ought to do or ought not to do when a US Muslim commits an act of terrorism. In fact, CAIR has a history of condemning all acts of terrorism regardless of the background of the perpetrator and has even come to the aid of the victims in many cases., the recent Pittsburgh Tree of Life Synagogue massacre being one example.

    Read the following passage by the author carefully before engaging in gratuitous and dishonest Islamophobic attacks on CAIR:

    “Law enforcement agencies must take steps to implement ethical standards when they interact with members of the public, Muslim or not, who have been diagnosed with or who exhibit signs of mental illness. Law enforcement should also focus their efforts on those who have already taken an affirmative step toward committing a terrorism-related crime. According to a recent article in Mother Jones, an FBI informant led one of every three terrorist plots foiled, and also provided all the necessary weapons, money, and transportation to people who ordinarily would not have the resources, intellectual or material, to carry out attacks”.