Sample Calling Script


Feel free to use all or part of this script when you're making calls to get out the vote.

Salaam alaykum, I'm [name] calling from [group name], [description of group].

We are calling Muslims in [state] to urge them to vote on [day of week, month, day]

Are you planning to go vote? Is anyone else in your home planning to vote?

If yes: That's great. We're also planning to do a quick exit poll after the election to find out who Muslims in our area voted for. May we call you after the election to ask who you voted for? The information we gather will be kept anonymous.

If no: I hope you'll consider going to vote. Voting is an important step toward helping the Muslim community protect our civil liberties. Thanks for your time and support. Please remember that Election Day is [day of week, month, day].


  • Always remain polite.
  • Avoid debating with people.
  • If the person is asking a lot of questions, allow one of the phone bank coordinators to answer the questions.

Sample Calling List Notations

Have all people calling your list use these notations next to the numbers they call. This will help you keep an accurate phone list and will help you know who to follow up with and who to call for an exit poll.

  • A = Agreed to go vote
  • B = Busy
  • CB = Call back later
  • D = Declined to go vote
  • DNC = Do not call
  • EP = Agreed to get call for exit poll
  • NA = No answer

Want to know more? Need help or advice? Call CAIR and talk to our government affairs department.

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