Protecting you from illegal surveillance

Every person in America has the right to an attorney when contacted by law enforcement of any level. CAIR’s lawyers nationwide stand ready to help when American Muslims are contacted by FBI or other law enforcement. Just recently, an American Muslim man, who lives with his wife and three children and actively volunteers in interfaith […]

Protecting your right to work, free from discrimination

Everyone has the right to practice their faith at work, free from discrimination or harassment. That is the promise of America and is also a basic Constitutional right.  CAIR stands ready to help when American Muslims face discrimination. In 2015, Cargill began banning prayer in its Fort Morgan factory. Practicing Muslim employees who had worked […]

Protecting your right to travel freely

Just a few months ago, CAIR was able to get two upstanding, law-abiding American Muslims removed from the unconstitutional “no fly list,” which prevents those on the list from returning to their families in the United States or from traveling on an airplane domestically or internationally. One was Imam Yussuf Abdi, a loving husband, father […]

Protecting your right to go to school

When students or parents contact CAIR chapters for help, we are there to help them.  Our civil rights attorneys and staff make sure that students who report bullying are protected and their cases are taken seriously. Our message is clear: Every student, including Muslim students, has the right to go to school without fear of […]

Protecting Your Right to Compete

On April 20, 2017, CAIR secured a religious exemption for Amaiya Zafar, a 16-year-old female American Muslim boxer in Minnesota who was previously barred from competition because she wears an Islamic head scarf, or hijab. Amaiya Zafar, who’s from Oakdale, Minnesota, will be allowed to compete wearing hijab under a new rule covering religious exemptions […]