TX: Injunction Granted Against Muslim Day Protester

A state district judge granted a temporary injunction Wednesday against a Florida man who organized a protest of a Six Flags Over Texas Muslim Family Day.

The injunction forbids Joe Kaufman, president of Americans Against Hate, from threatening the plaintiffs or causing them bodily injury. The plaintiffs, which include several local Muslim groups, previously had a temporary restraining order against Mr. Kaufman.

The injunction, however, rejected the requested prohibition against "inciting violence," which Judge Ken Curry ruled was too vague to be enforceable.

Mr. Kaufman said he organized the peaceful protest in October to bring attention to his allegations that the Islamic Circle of North America, sponsor of the family day, has ties to the terrorist group Hamas. That group has denied the claims, and several Muslim groups are suing Mr. Kaufman and have accused him of libel and inflicting emotional distress.


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