US: 'Civilians in Southern Lebanon are on Their Own'

An Okemos family of five is safe in U.S. military custody after being trapped in southern Lebanon amid Israeli air strikes.

Dani and Christina Aibout and their three young children have made it at least as far as Cyprus in the Mediterranean Sea this week after a 10-hour ship ride from the Lebanon capital of Beirut, Christina's sister, Barbara Triplett of Lansing, said this morning. . .

Triplett […] called U.S. officials to ask whether they could do anything to guide the family to Beirut, maybe send in troops. She said she was told that civilians in southern Lebanon are on their own. Triplett called the office of U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Brighton.

Rogers' staff told the Aibouts to call the U.S. Embassy. Unless they did that, the embassy staff would have no idea that the family needed help or was stuck in the war zone.


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