VA: Islam Awareness Month Kicks Off

The Muslim Student Association kicked off Islam Awareness Month this week with festivities to educate students about the faith. Johari Abdul-Malik, a member of the Muslim Alliance in North America, spoke in Commonwealth Ballroom last night to discuss this month's topic, “What are you living for?” Abdul-Malik acknowledged the audience in a way he said he knew Jesus, Moses, Muhammad and Noah alike would all greet a crowd. “With peace,” he said. Abdul-Malik said in the spirit of peace, he wanted everyone to know he was speaking from a Muslim point of view, and that he didn't want anyone to be offended.

With assistance from the audience Abdul-Malik noted four ways in which people learn and acquire a sense of reality: observation, rationalization, emotions and faith. “You can try to just use empirical thinking an observations, but it takes other tools to get the real sense of reality,” he said. Abdul-Malik cited many analogies in his explanation of what people are living for, saying that each person was like a machine or tool and Allah was the manufacturer. He said the Quran was like the manual put in place to learn how to operate the machine. (MORE)


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