VA: We Should All Learn the Basics of Islam


We should all learn the basics of Islam, and all world religions

I was appalled at the diatribe against Islam that Rep. Virgil Goode recently made on camera ["Goode goes bad," Jan. 4].

But worse, a survey taken showed that more than 60 percent of those asked agreed with him. This must end!

I know little about Islam, but I do know more than Mr. Goode.

Jesus is recognized as a prophet in the Quran. There is more about the Virgin Mary in the Quran than in the Bible.

I've read and heard talks by those who converted to Islam, including a young Catholic lady who explained why she converted. I also know that Jews were well treated in Spain when it was Muslim, and persecuted when it became Christian.

There is a critical need for us, especially our children, to learn the basics of Islam and other world faiths that are unfamiliar to most of us.

It should be mandatory in the schools. It must avoid any attempt to convert, but also must be thorough, and completely unbiased, focusing on tolerance and understanding.

There are extremists in every religion, but they are not typical of any, and their ideas are despised by most truly religious people.

If this were not true in every one of the major world religions, they would not have survived.

I believe unbiased and thorough teaching of world religions is absolutely essential to world peace.

Jim Parker


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