Verse: Consult the Quran


I do not know if the letter writer was misinformed herself or is trying to misinform the public. I disagreed with her on everything she said about how Islam teaches Muslims to deal with non-Muslims.

The only thing I agreed with her on was when she said "read the Koran and Hadith (prophet's tradition)." Indeed, I urge readers to go to a book store and purchase a copy of the translation of the Koran. Non-Muslims are even invited to call the Tampa office of CAIR at (813) 514-1414 and ask for a free copy of the Koran to be shipped to them.


When they eventually read through it I urge them to specifically read 60:8: "God does not forbid you regarding those who have not fought you due to your religion, nor drove you out of your homes, if you show them kindness, and be just to them; verily God loves the just ones."

Mohamed Ghabour, Valrico


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