Video: CAIR Rep Debates Islamophobia, Opposition to Mosques

Ibrahim Hooper, spokesperson for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR): "We're seeing opposition to mosques nationwide. You're seeing oppositions not only to the Manhattan mosque, there's opposition to a Staten Island, New York mosque, a Brooklyn mosque. We're seeing opposition to mosques in Tennessee, Illinois and California."
Hooper contends it is much bigger than the "ground zero mosque" and that the fear of Islam is much greater, especially since the recent failed December bombing in Detroit.
Gordon argued that there are already "a hundred mosques in New York City" and that the ground zero mosque is a tower being built by foreign money. He likened it to Muslims building a mosque in Jerusalem and further argued that Muslims build mosques in cities they have conquered, using the historical examples of Constantinople and Jerusalem. Gordon also contended that the mosque will create an unsafe environment for New Yorkers. (More)


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