Video update on CAIR's work and issues, May 23, 2014

Topics Include:

  • CAIR Asks Kansas Sheriff to Drop Anti-Muslim Trainer
  • CAIR Challenges Pamela Geller's Anti-Muslim Hate Ads
  • CAIR-OK Defends Muslim Limo Driver Assaulted in Bias Attack
  • CAIR-NY Calls for DOJ Probe of NYPD Coercion of Muslim Detainees to Become Informants
  • CAIR-FL Questions Troubling History of FBI Agent Who Shot Muslim
  • CAIR Joins Muslim Leaders in Condemning Boko Haram
  • CAIR Director Calls for Release of Amir Hekmati
  • CAIR Joines Rally for Net Neutrality
  • CAIR Releases Memorial Day Video Featuring Muslim Veterans



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