Your Intention This Ramadan

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As-Salaamu Alaykum and Ramadan Mubarak

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said: "Actions are judged (by Allah swt) according to the intention behind them, and everyone is (rewarded for) what he intended." And as we all know, the blessings for good deeds performed during Ramadan are multiplied 70 times.

I ask you to make your intention today to do your part this Ramadan -- the month of giving and of multiplied rewards for that giving – by supporting CAIR’s vital work with your zakat and donation.

Just as fasting is a shield against evil, CAIR professionals work every day to be a shield for your civil rights and against hate targeting Islam and the Muslim community.

Our fundraising goal for the first 10 days of Ramadan is $450,000. Can I count on you RIGHT NOW? This year, the need is greater than any time in the past.

Ibn Abbas said: "The Prophet was the most generous of all the people, and he used to become (even) more generous in Ramadan."


REMEMBER: CAIR is a 100 percent donor-supported organization. Donations to CAIR are both tax-deductible (Tax ID Number 77-0646756) and zakat-eligible.

Please take a minute RIGHT NOW to show your support for our work by going to to make a contribution. We also accept donations using PayPal. You may mail your contribution to: CAIR, 453 New Jersey Ave. S.E., Washington, D.C., 20003.

Contribute as much as you can - whether it’s $5,000, $1,000, $100, or $30. Every donation helps. Thank you.






Nihad Awad

CAIR National Executive Director


P.S. -- Please send this appeal to your friends and family, and post on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. Remember: CAIR is a 100% tax-deductible (Tax ID Number 77-0646756) and zakat-eligible nonprofit organization.

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453 New Jersey Ave, S.E., Washington, D.C., 20003
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